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42nd Georgia

Photo Gallery

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Battles of Atlanta- 2006

Standing L to R:   Pvt. O. Ohberg,  Capt. R. Fallaw,  Pvts. E. Beckman Sr.,  L. McDougal,  J. Henson,  M. Honour,  R. Daugherty,  P. McClure, R.  Palmer

Kneeling and Sitting L to R:   1st Sgt. N Ohberg,  Cpl. J. Hulsey,  Pvts. K. Clayton,  J. Mabe,  A. Bright,  B. Wilson,  G. Holcombe, Cpl. D. Driver,  Qmst. C. Jones


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"Pull up a log...have some hard tack and coffee...visit a while in our photo gallery"



Gallery of the 42nd Georgia

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Gallery One - Discovery Channel photos 1/24/04 

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Gallery Two - Olustee 2004 photos 2/14/04 

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Gallery Three - Pass In Review, Atlanta 2006 - Dedicated to Nancy Mabe 

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Gallery Four - Members We Have Lost 


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