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42nd Georgia

Gwinnett County "Independent Rebels"


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This picture is of Samuel Winship and Jo Hannah Paden, taken at the reunion of the 42nd Georgia, Company B, in the 1890's.  This was sent to us recently by Mr. and Mrs. Gary E. Maner of Gwinnett County.  Samuel Winship Paden, who died in 1917, is Mrs. Maner's great great grandfather!

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This picture is of 1st Corporal Thomas and Susan (Hannah) McCart, taken at a reunion of the 42nd Georgia, Company B.  Susan Hannah McCart was also the sister of 4th Corporal Joseph Hannah, also from the 42nd.  This picture and the one below were sent to us by the great great grandaughter of Thomas McCart.  

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This picture is the Brownlee family, taken in 1905.  It was sent to us by Tim Brownlee, the great great grandson of  Private Milton Brownlee of the 42nd Georgia, Company B.  Milton Brownlee is the second gentleman from the left on the bottom row.  He was wounded in the wrist at the Battle of Resaca in 1864.  Thanks Tim.


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Private Robert A. Mills, Westview Cemetery, Augusta, Ga.


Company "B" Roster (Original) "Take their brave souls into your heart..Dear, God""

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B. P. Weaver

Killed at the Second Battle of Franklin (11/30/1864)


Andrew Ford


W. H. Williams


W. P. Donaldson

Received wound to the jaw in 1864 at the Battle of Atlanta.  Died in 1879 in Gwinnett County.


W. T. Smith


S. Bryant


James Garner


W. W. Russell

Died Laweranceville, Georgia (11/14/63)


W. W. Starr


Thomas McCart


J. C. Crow

Died Magnolia, Misissippi (2/10/1863)


J. M. Henry

Killed at the Battle of Resaca, Georgia (5/15/1864)


Joseph A. Hannah


Austin, John A.

Arnold, W. T.

Andrews, Elesley

Aderhold, Isaac

Aderhold, Asa

Brownlee, John C.

Brownlee, Milton

Wounded at the

Battle of Resaca,


Brand, Dan

Brand, Ransom

Bailey, Wlliam H

Bennett, James W

Wounded at

Marieta, Georgia.

Bennett, Josiah S.

Bennett. John G.

Killed at

Vicksburg, Ms


Beaver, A. P.

Buchanan, F. M.

Bracewell, Henry M.

Betts, John A.

Died at

Newnan, Georgia


Clower, John W.

Cain, John S.

Cannon, Elias

Collins, Elbert

Crews, William E

Died at

Bean's Station,

Tennessee (1862)

Dutton, Geo. W.

Freeman, Leroy

Freeman, Geo. W.

Died at

Montgomery, Ala.


Freeman, James P.

Flarity, James M.

Franklin, John M.

Green. Charles

Captured at

Atlanta, Ga.

Died in prison

Gresham, William

Gaddis, David J.

Haney, John J

Died in

Gwinnett County,



Haney, Geo. W.

Hanry, Stephen L.

Harris, Milton

Died in Mississippi


.Hollingsworth, Berry

Killed at the

Battle of Resaca


Huett, A. A.

Hutchins, William P

Herring, James G. R.

Died at

Covington, Ga.


Johnson, Henry T.

Died of fever at

Bean's Station,Tenn.


Jones, William R.

Died of wounds

Battle at Tazewell


Jackson, William J.

Died at

Fort Deleware, Del.


Jenkins, A. S.

Killed at the

Battle of New Hope

Church (1864)

Kennerly, John E.

King, Charles

Died at

Vicksburg, Ms.


Kiraus, W. P.

Died at

Laurenceville, Ga


Long, Jesse L.

Wounded at

Dalton, Ga.

Liddell, D. J.

Liddell, D. M

Died in


Lanier, F. M.

Died in

Montgomery, Ala.


Langley, Miles J.

Died in

Vicksburg, Ms.


Mangham, Sidney P.

Martin, D. M

Died at

St. Clair, Ala.


Martin. S. C.

Martin, S. N.

Massey, W. S.

Mathews, E. J.

McGuffy, James L.

McGuffy, Charles G.

McDaniel, D. M.

Died of fever at

Morristown, Tenn.


Mills, Robert Albert

Born Dec 1847 in Abbeville, SC.  Died May 23, 1914 in Augusta, Ga.  Buried in Westview Cemetery in Augusta with a military marker that reads:

Robert A. Mills, Co. B 42 GA VOL INF CSA 1847-1914

Information provided by Brenda Mills Drew, his great granddaughter.

Moore, W. V.

Died in

Atlanta, Ga.

of smallpox


Nash, John T.

Died in

GwinnettCounty, Ga.


Nash, James B.

Nichols, Wilson D.

O'Kelly, F. C.

Wounded and died

of consumption in

Gwinnett County, Ga.

Paden, S. W.

Died in

Gwinnett County, Ga


Paden, W. S.

Died of fever at

Danville, Ky.


Parr, W. L.

Died of disease

Atlanta, Ga.


Peters, Daniel J.

Died in

Gwinnett County, Ga.


Phillips, W. P.

Died in

Gwinnett County, Ga.


Richards, William C

Killed in the

Batle of Chickasaw

Bayou (12/29/1862)

.Robinson, Henry W

Died at

Vicksburg, Ms.


Rolling, John

Killed in theBattle

at Chickasaw Bayou


Rolling, O. H. P.

Died at

Vicksburg, Ms.


Starr, Silas A.

Smith, G. I.

Smith, Geo. C.

Died at

Vicksburg, Ms.


Smith, R. P.

Stapp, Jesse W.

Wounded at the

Battle of New Hope


Tallent, James

White, James

Died at

Vicksburg, Ms.


Wilson, C. W.

Died of brain fever


Williams, James T.

Wilson, Geo. W

Died at

Lauderdale Springs, Ms


Wilson, John W.

Wilson, Thos. O.

Died of fever at

Readville, Tenn.


Worthy, Thomas

RECRUITS CO. B, 1862 AND 1863

Austin, W. M.

Bennett, J. W.


Brewer, J. W.



Britt, C. R.

Brownlee, Thomas

Died at

Vicksburg, Ms.


Brownlee, Warren

Clower, D. M

Collins, John B.

Died of fever


Flarity, Taylor

Freeman, H. F.

Freeman, James

Killed at Bentoinville,

North Carolina


Freeman. J. R.

Garner, Joseph

Hale, J. R.

Died at

Jackson, Ms.


Hale, M. M.

Henry, John W.

Wounded at

Bean's Station, Tenn.

Kenerly, T. Jeff

Lancaster, Jesse

Martin, J. F

Mills, J. A.

Mills, J. B.

Mills, J. T.

Mills, W. B.

Moore, D. P.

Peters, J. M.

Wounded at

New Hope, Ga.

Phillips, B. F

Died at

Knoxville, Tenn

of measles.


Smith, G. F.


Smith, J. T.

Stapp, J. T.

Died of wounds

Starr, B. A.

Died at

Covington, Ga.

of fever.


Steel, D. M.


Thomas, B. C

Wounded at

Bakers Creek, Ms.

Thomas, W. P.

Died at

Vicksburg, Ms.


Thomason, T. M

Weaver, R. C.


Williams, N. T.
Wounded at

Battle of Resaca, Ga.

Worthy, H. A.

127 total number of muster roll
W. H. Williams, 1st Lieutenant
S. A. Starr, Orderly Sergeant

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